iPhone has a piece of technology where every single feature has been meticulously thought-out in which nothing in the handy smartphone is by chance. You can figure out every nook and cranny on the phone where there is a small component most of us have not noticed.When the iPhone 5 was introduced, a small but important element came with the newest release. It may seem irrelevant at first glance.That was a small hole at the top of the case on the back of the phone plays an important role.Most users assume the tiny circle is a reset button. But, there is nothing to push and even if you touch it, nothing happens. If you love the sound quality you get from your cool phone, you can thank that tiny little addition because it’s a microphone. But this mic is not there accidentally, it has a very specific function.iphone 5The hole is right in the middle, between the lens and the flash.The iphone 5 actually has three microphones, one at the bottom, one on the back and one at the front often hidden under the same grill for the phone speaker as it is not active during the normal phone conversation.

Why is there three microphones then?

The bottom and front ones are used to clearer sound. The one at the back though is basically when you call and speak people on your phone normally both microphones are active, i.e the one at the bottom collects your voice as per normal, the one at the top collects all the background noise.Unlike speakers which used powerful magnets and diaphragms to make pressure wave or sound microphones use two different techs, Ribbon and condenser microphones. The Ribbon will be affected by magnets, the condenser isn’t, you will be glad to know that Apple uses condenser type mics on the phones.