How to increase data transfer speed of PEN Drive is the main concern of technology. Transferring data between a PC’s internal storage and an external drive is one of the most common tasks a user performs. Photos, videos, important files, data backups all are needed to be transferred to and fro, sometimes multiple times.In the digital age, we are moving important digital information has become a necessity and the use of temporary storage devices has increased dramatically. Since the Cloud cannot be accessed without an internet connection, USB flash drives are still routinely used.

USB flash drives include flash memory with an integrated Universal Serial Bus interface and should capable of holding large numbers of bytes of information. To perform the best, the device needs to be properly optimized to unleash maximum efficiency so they can operate with as much speed as possible. With that said, here are three factors that affect efficiency and speed in USB flash drives:

Type and Age – As they get older, they tend to lose swiftness. The operating components become weaker, perhaps covered in dust and less pristine than when they were brand new. Also, the capabilities of USB flash drives depend on their type (USB 3.0 or USB 3.1).

Type and Size of Files – Small files like Mp3, Word Documents, and lower resolution images usually transfer faster than larger files like videos and high-resolution images.

USB Port Version – With a newer port version, like USB Port 3.1, data will transfer faster. That’s why slow transfer speeds can be so frustrating. No one wants to wait ten minutes or longer time for a few gigabytes of data to transfer which it can be particularly troublesome Fortunately, there are some easy ways to improve transfer speeds.

Tip 1: Speed up the computer: Your computer performance makes the huge impact on data transfer speed. Better RAM, better processor and virus free system always improves data transfer speed. Though you cannot improve your processor, you can upgrade your RAM and you can remove malware. Do remember while upgrading RAM, you must check RAM compatibility with your motherboard.

Tip 2: Transfer one file at a time You need to transfer one file at a time. If you transfer more than one file, you will get less speed.The computer will not share speed equally, instead, it will reduce the speed. If you want to send multiple files, select all the files and send at once. When sending all files at once, computer considers it as one file and it transfers with full speed.

Tip 3: Close all running programs When you want to speed up USB file transfer, you need to close remaining running programs. When you run more programs, programs consumes computer resources like RAM and disk space. This will have the effect of data transfer speed.

Tip 4: Use single USB at a time Don’t use more than one USB at a time. Use only one USB and send only one file at a time.

Tip 5: Change removal policy “Quick Removal” and “Better performance” are the two removal policies available for USB. By default Windows enables “Quick Removal” policy. In “Quick removal” policy, you need to remove your pen drive when you want. You will not lose data, Even if you remove pen drive without clicking, On “safely remove hardware and eject media”. But in “Better performance” policy you must remove USB safely otherwise there is a chance that you may lose data. If you enable “Better performance” policy, you may get better speed.Follow are the steps to enable “Better performance” policy:removable disk

  • Place your pen drive in the USB port.
  • Go to “My computer”.
  • Right-click on your USB name.
  • Speed up USB file transfer
  • Click on Properties. You will see “Properties” window as shown below.

storage mediaSpeed up USB file transfer

  • -Click on “Hardware” in the top menu.
  • -Select your device name.
  • -Click on “Properties” as shown in above screenshot. You will see your device property window shown below.
  • -Speed up USB file transfer
  • -Click on “Change Settings” shown in above screenshot. You will see other properties window.

storage media


Speed up USB file transfer

-Click on “Policies” in the top menu.

-Check “Better Performance” option.

-Click “Ok”.

-Now your USB work in better performance removal policy. Though it is better performance option, you couldn’t find the huge impact on file transfer speed. Maximum speed was 4.85 Mb/S with “Quick removal” option where 5.04 MB/S with “Better performance” option. For such small improvement, you need not put pen drive in risky mode. Because you must safely remove pen drive with this mode otherwise you may lose data. Even if you lose data you can recover lost data from USB.

Tip 6: Use USB 3.0

You can buy USB 3.0 pen drive. Because the maximum speed of USB 2.0 is 60 MBps(MegaBytes per second) where maximum speed of USB 3.0 is 640 MBps.