IT companies are voraciously growing in Nepalese Market. Some of them bloom well whereas most get out of the timeline within few years. Based on Performance and overall evaluation, we tend to find Top 10 Software Companies In Nepal.IT is the heart of current world. It’s plying a vital role across the world. It’s creating better employment, better sustainable improvement, making a good governance, better transportation, better leadership, easy accessible information etc. Nepali software companies try to create to e-governance through supporting government through it.

1. VeriskIT

VeriskIT is the subsidiary company of VeriskHealth(now Verisk Informatics) situated in the USA. VeriskIT primarily outsources their projects of Verisk Informatics. They have the employee of 300+. The company is famous for its well equipped professional environment and best paying IT company till date. Enterprise level of the project is what VeriskIT focuses on.

Verisk Information Technologies is a software research and development center for Verisk Analytics, a leading source of information about risk. A publicly traded company listed as VRSK on the NASDAQ stock exchange, Verisk Analytics offers risk-assessment services and decision analytics that help customers better understand and manage their risk.

2. F1soft

F1Soft International, an ISO Certified company, is one of the leading Companies for developing and deploying enterprise products on transaction banking. The Company was duly established in 2004 and has presence in Nepal, Singapore, Cambodia, India and Bangladesh.F1soft is the Nepalese owned company with their powerful products like ESsewa, Phone banking E-banking. F1soft is run by 3 Nepali people. 100+ employee work in f1soft. Different awards have been felicitated to them.

F1Soft International has created an image of its own in the field of Software Development and IT related services through the course of its persistent effort for the last 8 years. The Company has built up an impressive list of clients, most of which comprises of leading Banks and financial Institutions, Corporate Houses, Industrial firms, Media Houses, Telecoms, Travel Agencies and other Organizations which bear a name in their field.

3. Leapfrog Inc

Leapfrog is one of the powerful outsourcing company that primarily focuses on software development . 100+ employee work here. The different field they work on is java, Ios, ruby on rails, DevOps, etc.

4. Cloudfactory

Cloudfactory is start-up which is one of the multinational company that has also branches on Kenya. Cloudfactory works on mass production on software development. The company that primarily focuses on Ruby on Rails on Nepal is cloud factory. It is renowned for its development trough agile mode. 100+ employees reside here. Cloud workers are one of the concepts developed by cloud factory which is somewhat data entry job.

CloudFactory’s Technology Platform was purposefully designed to deliver speed without compromising on accuracy. Its workspace comes equipped with advanced machine learning tools and algorithms, including OCR/ICR, NLP and scrapers for spidering and indexing. Machine tasks are executed at all stages of a workflow – before, during, and after human tasks. Whereas human tasks are sped up using custom task forms and auto-fill technology. Workforce itself is largely managed using technology – all from a single, unified application.

5. Deerwalk

Splitted from VeriskIT, seniors develop the new company for the leading tech of the company, called Deerwalk, It is also primarily focused on American projects and Rudra Pandey os leading the company. Deerwalk can be one who works hard to achieve their goals.

Deerwalk provides a Big Data technology platform and application suite to support companies in the business of managing population health and health costs. Whether you’re looking for an out-of the-box package of integrated products or a custom software solution, Deerwalk’s technological know-how and industry experience ensure that clients are prepared for what’s needed now as well as what’s next in healthcare.

6. Javra

The Netherlands-based outsourcing company landed in Nepal is called Javra. Javra is famous for working on different frameworks like nodejs.

7. Yomari

One of the oldest tech company in Nepal is Yomari Inc, which also outsources their projects a lot. Yomari is known for their banking software. It’s privately owned company founded in 1997 and providing best services in information management system. They are completely focusing on all small and larger companies to manage their company information and data as well.


European based software company famous for its software development process Logpoint has their own product to raise up called SIEM. They are also one of the powerful software development company located in Kathmandu valley.

9. Braindigit

Braindigit IT consultant established and work for global software development for Enterprise  and Business works.They primarily focus on dot net based projects. Around 50-100 employees work in Braindigit.BRAINDIGIT IT Solution provides one of the best services globally to meet all the IT needs of your business. With extensive analytical research and the best heads working for providing solutions, your business is tailored, not only to be different but to be the best.
Its development center is located at Kathmandu, Nepal with contact offices in Canada and the Philippines. The development center is equipped with resources to cater to the needs of the team, the projects and the clients. The resources range from, but are not limited to, latest hardware and network facilities to a highly skilled workforce. This in turn allows BRAINDIGIT to come up with world class web applications and software.

10. Ebpearls

Australian based projects working in Nepal, especially on we based projects and mobile development projects. EB Pearls has around 160 people in Kathmandu office and in total around 200 people worldwide. They primarily outsource their projects and works under languages like Magento, CMS, WordPress, etc.

It has a team of 120 front and back-end developers, Project managers and Quality analyst working in its development center in Kathmandu, Nepal. With over 9+ years of experience the development team has gained an expertise exclusively in WordPress, Magento and iPhone apps. Its hybrid (on-shore and offshore) business model is to offer the high quality digital solutions to our clients with 40-60% cost saving than the market price. ebPearls plans, designs and manages its client’s digital product in Sydney office while the development and quality controlling is executed in Kathmandu office.