The girls who codes are programmers who have knowledge of programming can be the best partner for you. Do you know why? Do you ever think of having a girl who can joke or prank in codes? Who can enjoy and joke hacking with you? Of couse, these qualities can make a girl awesome because not all girls can understand computers and code so if your girl is expert in computers, you are the lucky dude.

If you’re obsessed with computers, there’s an incomparable joy in being with a partner who shares the same passion.But mind you, once you’re hooked with a coder girl, you might find the Facebook status of other girls so stupid that you would want to spend some time on Stack Overflow to get your sanity back.We are going to tell you some awesome reasons that why it is awesome to date a girl who codes:

1.She knows the value of ‘ ; ‘

Are you allergic to incomplete sentences? But if your girl is a coding girl then you don’t have to face this situation. The girl who codes likes to explain the things. She is more descriptive who tells the details what you need. She does not end up in just leaving the things unanswered.This is the silly mistake anyone can do.

 2.You can go to a Hackathon with her

A girl who does not have knowledge of coding and programming will not give you a company at Hackathon. But a girl who codes enjoys the day with you and a little bit competition too.

3.You kids will be awesome too

If your relationship is going to be so long and transforming into marriage then you are luckiest more. Your kids will be awesome that they will start developing the apps and software when the kids of others will be wetting their beds. It means a girl who codes can prove herself as an awesome mother indeed to thier kid .

4.She doesn’t ask you dumb questions like, “How can I find the IP address of the computer?

 Forget about IP address, she can write a python script to tweet and even chat when the plants in your garden need watering using water sensors in the flower tubs. Who wouldn’t want a girl like that?

5.You can build your own product, your own app, your own startup, maybe?

If you have the partner who can code then it will pave a path for you to build up your own business. You can start a new project with the support of your girl. She can make you able to develop your own app or software.This can be fruitful from an economic point of view.

6.She can get your jokes

Programmers can have a habit of talking in the language of computers. If you find a girl who can code, you are really going to enjoy the jokes a new manner, in a new way. She can catch up the illusions and can explain the hidden meanings.

7.She makes a living coding “if-else” decisions

Your life will not be a puzzle game, and she will define it clearly. If you do this for her, welcome else get out of the heart even. You will not have any other option except if and else. You will enjoy this type of attitude man.

8.You can discuss things like Musk, Gates, Jobs & Woz

All these names are not of some good foods etc. But these names are of some great people of the world. A girl who codes will not bore you and if you want to discuss Bill gates or Steve jobs then your girl will also take part in the discussion. May be she is awesome in the discussion related this.

9.You can truly enjoy shows like ‘Big Bang Theory’ & movies like ‘Interstellar’ with her:

It means that if you cannot understand some jokes or some scenes in the movie then she will be there to make it understandable for you always. You will really enjoy the way by which she will explain that “big bang theory” to you and make you more interesting.

10.Talking of the missing semicolon, she can debug which means she’s a problem solver

She has fixes to all the ‘bugs’ in your life.