There are many jobs across the world and salary is different at a various job.Salary plays a vital role in a person for deciding a job. Many job positions pay you over $90,000. As companies scramble to adapt to the modern, they’re doing whatever they can to attract top tech talent. For some that may mean getting a head start in filling next year’s most in-demand roles, which ranges from data-focused to security-related positions.The survey also reveals the average salaries for each role based on hardware engineer is ranked 10 on this list.The top 10 Highest Paying Tech Jobs of 2018 are

10. Computer Hardware Engineer

Average Salary: $101,154

Total Job Openings: 1,264

A computer hardware engineer oversees the manufacture, installation, and testing of computer systems, servers, chips, and circuit boards. In addition, you need to works with peripherals including keyboards, routers, and printers. so, this occupation is the hardware.

9.QA Manager                         

 Average Salary: $101,330

Total Job Openings: 1,689

QA is abbreviated as Quality Assurance Manager.They have to assure the quality of a product, service or software. QA Manager usually has to perform tests on various products in order to check it for its performance.

8. Security Engineer



Average Salary: $102,749

Total Job Openings: 2,060

Security Engineer supervises the safety of IT organization’s infrastructure.They are also responsible for it. Security Engineer usually designs, arranges and observes systems that make’s sure that the company’s software’s or other products are secure.


7. Data Scientist 

Average Yearly Salary: $105,395
Total Job Openings: 3,433

We live in the world, data is ubiquitous. A data scientist looks at that data and analyzes it, making predictions about trends, customers and anything else imaginable. Nowadays, data scientists are found in all sorts of industries starting from fashion all the way to the sports industry.Data Scientist usually deal with processes and systems to search knowledge or insights from data in different forms.



6. Product Manager

Average Yearly Salary: $113,959

Total Job Openings: 9,918

A product manager is responsible for managing a product, whether it can be a service or an offering within an app or hardware product from a tech company, like a smartphone or a computer. The job of product manager lies in the interface of marketing and tech, such as generation of product requirements, a timetable for product introduction as well as marketing research and strategy.Products manager carry out two major tasks, to design and market a product. It isn’t a particular job at tech because it plays a vital role in many tech companies.


5. IT Manager

 Average Yearly Salary: $115,725

 Total Job Openings: 1,408

IT Manager’s main focus on value creation made possible by technology. IT Manager also manages company’s technology assets.An IT manager is someone who is responsible for the overall performance of a company’s electronic networks and also leads the IT department in fulfilling the organization’s information systems requirements. Focusing on a company’s in-house computer networks may involve selecting the hardware and software that is needed for the network, updating internal servers, or looking at other electronic support systems that can improve worker’s productivity.


4. Analytic’s Manager

Average Yearly Salary: $115,725

Total Job Openings: 1,408

Analytics Manager carry out tasks like the business and financial analysis to help the company to calculate its success and predicts its need for future.This Analytics Manager job description template is optimized for posting to online job boards or careers pages and easy to customize for your company.Analytic manager responsibilities include:


  • Developing strategies for effective data analysis and reporting
  • Selecting, configuring and implementing analytics solutions
  •  Leading and developing a team of data analysts



3. Solutions Architect

Average Yearly Salary: $121,522

Total Job Openings: 3,530

Solution Architect designs and controls complex software or computer systems. Solution Architect is responsible for translating requirements created by functional analysts.A solutions architect develops tech solutions. Mainly solutions architects organize the requirements necessary for a tech solution to come alive, and they build the architecture and processes to implement it.


2. Software Development Manager

Average Yearly Salary: $123,747

Total Job Openings: 2,249

Software engineers built software, like the software of the computer you are using, or Uber’s app or the Apple iPhone. They specialize in various parts of the building process, such as database design, networks or applications.Software Development Manager serves as a project head for different software projects. The exact responsibilities of this job post vary from company to company.


1. Software Architect

Average Yearly Salary: $130,891

Total Job Openings: 3329

Software Architect is a software specialist who makes high-end design choices. Software Architect also designs complex software applications.A database architect creates and manages large and expansive electronic databases to store and organize vast amounts of data. This is a highly skilled profession that is integral to most modern businesses. A database architect will help companies grow and expand into new marketplaces and help create a vision to meet strategic goals. A person in this position will work closely with software designers, design analysts and others to create comprehensive databases that may be used by hundreds if not thousands of people.

source: techviral