While the iPhone X’s design is its biggest talking point that really caught anyone eye watching the announcement was the new camera.For the past few generations, the camera has been one of the biggest reasons to upgrade your iPhone. Even stuff like 3D Touch which is surprisingly useful is a small upgrade compared to the camera improvements each new cycle. Portrait Mode was the main reason that anyone can upgrade from a 6S Plus to a 7 Plus.While the iPhone 8’s camera gets a nice if small upgrade over the iPhone 7’s, the iPhone X is getting some pretty interesting changes that haven’t been emphasized.

What’s New in iPhone X’s Cameras?


The iPhone X has two 12 megapixel cameras. Both have OIS. One is f/1.8 and equivalent to 28mm; the other is f/2.4 and equivalent to 56mm.What makes the iPhone X stand out is its dual optical image stabilization and slightly faster telephoto lens. This is going to give it a big leg up on the 8 Plus in terms of low light performance at least as far as the telephoto lens is concerned.

The 8 Plus defaults to the 28mm camera when light levels drop. Even if you zoom in, it uses the wider angle lens and then just increases the resolution of the image in the post rather than using the telephoto. This is less than ideal, especially if you’re taking individual portraits.While “low light” sounds like it means nighttime, for cameras it doesn’t. If you’re inside on a cloudy day, the light levels are often low enough for cameras to need to use relatively high ISOs. This means more noise and lower quality images. If your camera doesn’t use a high ISO it needs to use a slower shutter speed which means that your shaking hands might affect the image.

The X’s optical image stabilization and wider aperture telephoto counter both these things. Not only will the wider aperture let in more light so you can get away with a lower ISO, the stabilization will mean you can use a slower shutter speed without worrying about camera shake.It’s important to note that all this only applies when you’re using the telephoto. The wide-angle camera on both the 8 Plus and the X is identical, at least as far as I can determine from Apple’s press materials.

Portrait Lighting Looks and Front Camera:


Portrait Lighting is a logical extension of iPhone X, Rather than just using the depth map to blur the background.The iPhone 8 and X are going to use it to add lighting effects. It is no secret anyone can be a fan of selfies.so the fact the X is getting Portrait Mode for the front camera is pretty exciting. All the upgrades, however, are happening behind the scenes. You don’t get two front cameras: you get one and a depth sensor. This means that, aside from Portrait Mode, the front camera is going to automatically take better selfies on the X than on the 8 or 8 Plus.

The new edge-to-edge screen is dominating most of the discussion, but it’s worth noting that there are improvements elsewhere. The telephoto camera on the X, in particular, looks like it is going to be noticeably better than the one on the 7 Plus or 8 Plus in low light.