It has been some time since Samsung have released a mini device from their series of flagship devices. Today, we heard rumors of possible release of the Galaxy S8 mini. Also, the rumors claim that the company is working on it in South Korea.

The S8 mini is rumored to feature a 5.3-inch screen, with a real feel of 4.7-inch screen. The real feel is caused by the extra wide aspect ratio, which is 18.5:9.

Also, it could feature a Snapdragon 821, and not Snapdragon 835 which sounds more logically. Alongside that, it could feature 4GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage. A fairly high-end featured iris reader could be coming with it.

The previous mini device was Samsung Galaxy S5 mini, which is very close to this flagship status. We still will be looking for further information from the company, as well as some leaked images and information about the device.