An update is a change which comes with new features and improvement. Updates to apps are usually a good thing, but there are times when this is not the case. The latest version of your favorite app might remove a feature you’ve grown attached to, or it could lead to a drop in performance. AppDowner helps to roll back a version if you decide the older version of an app was better.You will not have any tips to use an older version of apps in your Android, even Google cannot provide any option to downgrade apps to a lower version.A downgrade is easily done if your phone is rooted. An app called AppDowner make it easy for users to downgrade installed applications to an older version. Unfortunately, AppDowner required root access.

You must use APK method in order to downgrade Android apps on non rooted devices, here are the some of the steps:

1. Find which version do you want

First check what is the latest version of the app is installed on your Android, go to settings > applications > select an application and note down the version numbers. For example, My Current Instagram app version is ‘10.0.1’ and I want to downgrade to 10.0.0.



2. Download APK from a third-party website

Choose your app and scroll down to all versions. Find your current version and select a version lower than the current version. Click on it and download the APK file.

older version

3. Install the older version

Once you download the APK, uninstall the current version of your app and install the lower version APK file from the download or file manager. If you haven’t previously installed any APK file on your phone, maybe it shows you an installation block message. Please enable Unknown source from settings > security > Unknown sources.